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  • 15090  hakoya plastic noodle bowl   dark brown and black  ribbed effect

ハコヤ きらら丼 栃木目, 140 g



ITEM ID: #15090


Japanese cuisine is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach and it makes cooking and presentation a vibrant and eye-opening part of the nation's culture. This being the case, Japan strives to present food with the same effort and care put into it's creation and thus offers all manner of high quality ceramics and useful daily tools in order to assist. Whether your Japanese cooking calls for one practical bowl or an assortment of serving plates, side dishes, rice bowls and cups, japancentre.com has the perfect serving options to make your meal complete. Take a look at our Dining section for our whole range.


- Do not bring into contact with fire or place in the oven.
- Do not heat when empty.
- When handwashing, clean with a soft cloth and do not scour.