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  • 15044  takagi shuzo juyondai betsusen junmai ginjo sake   with box
  • 15044  takagi shuzo juyondai betsusen junmai ginjo sake   bottle only
15044  takagi shuzo juyondai betsusen junmai ginjo sake   with box 15044  takagi shuzo juyondai betsusen junmai ginjo sake   bottle only

賞味期限: 30-11-2019

高木酒造 十四代 別撰 純米吟醸, 720 ml

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A truly one of a kind sake to revolutionise your comprehension of junmai ginjo.

For those that have come to understand the refined characteristics of junmai ginjo, or for those looking to experience the dedication that goes into making exclusive Japanese sake, Takagi Shuzo's Juyondai Betsusen ("An anthology of distinction") opens an entirely new chapter. Using premium grade Yamada Nishiki rice, grown solely in a select few villages of the Hyogo prefecture, and milled to 50% of its original size, this sake strikes a fine balance of a smooth yet rich consistency that thoroughly draws out the subtle rice tones.

Produced in the same grounds as Yamagata's luxurious speciality crop, La France pears, to fortify densely rich and luscious notes that take it away from the crisp sweetness of most fine junmai ginjo and let it build an uplifting, orderly harmony between its full-bodied mouthfeel and the invigorating melon essence it carries. Keeping this flourish of fruitful flavours and deep fragrance in perfect check, this sake partners hearty French and Italian cuisine perfectly, delivering a refreshing brisk finish to complete the once in a lifetime experience.

ITEM ID: #15044


Takagi Shuzo is undeniably acknowledged as one Japan's premium sake breweries, with its Juyondai range made in strictly limited amounts to ensure its absolute finest quality. The demand among Japan's finest sake aficionados for their decadent junmai ginjo draws attentive eyes to any proud establishment able to get their hands on a bottle, but this recognition does not come from decades of historical influence, rather a tale against insurmountable odds to make something truly special. Akitsuna Takagi inherited this small company in 1993 as a young, inexperienced university student, with little knowledge of the scrupulous standards for sake production, but he carried a desire to bring to the world a sake that would draw all the flavour and substance it could from only the best ingredients, setting it apart from the established delicate qualities of other fine sake. This journey came with all numbers of failures and refusals as a little known brewery attempted to redefine this age-long tradition of Japan, but the real head-on experience and taste expertise gained each time allowed Akitsuna to master an essence and fragance that astoundingly shook the refined culture upon reaching its lips. With a calibre matching the distinct characteristics of other fine sake from the prestigious Yamagata region, Takagi Shuzo took its junmai ginjo a step further to reach a scarcely-achieved full-body quality through the locally grown succulence of La France pears. Naming it Juyondai ("The 14th head") in honour of his late father, Akitsuna's discovery of this gorgeous sake brings with it all the challenges and wonder of helping to shape a new generation for sake culture.


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