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  • 14885plastic round sudare s
  • 14885 2 plastic round sudar
14885plastic round sudare s 14885 2 plastic round sudar

プラスティック 水切り すだれ, 45 g, 2枚入り

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Tradition meets modernity and practicality with these handy Plastic Round Sudare Strainers for Noodles.

Noodle dishes as a staple part of Japanese cuisine, have evolved greatly to include fried, oil-rich soba and cold-served udon for warmer months, but often these require soft noodles just taken from their liquids without straining or draining to keep the best flavours and textures. With the help of these Sudare strainers, serving such new and exciting dishes becomes an easy and convenient task in the kitchen! Shaped and sized to fit most plates, these strainers place nicely inside and provide a basin for excess water and oil to soak through, whilst the bamboo mat style design offers a modern yet traditional presentation to even the most simple of dishes. Easy to clean and simple to use, why not try them out to present new and interesting salads also?
 Measures approx. 16.5cm in diameter.

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Japanese cuisine is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach and it makes cooking and presentation a vibrant and eye-opening part of the nation's culture. This being the case, Japan strives to present food with the same effort and care put into it's creation and thus offers all manner of high quality ceramics and useful daily tools in order to assist. Whether your Japanese cooking calls for one practical bowl or an assortment of serving plates, side dishes, rice bowls and cups, japancentre.com has the perfect serving options to make your meal complete. Take a look at our Dining section for our whole range.