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  • 14878 keiko tea organic loose kabuse hojicha roasted green tea

ケイコ茶製 かぶせ ほうじ茶, 50 g 残り僅か (あと4個)

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Give your tea taste-buds a genuine tea taste with Keiko Tea Organic Loose Kabuse Hojicha.

This roasted green tea gives a full-bodied, roasty fragrance and has been carefully shaded from sunlight a week before picking to give it a smooth and easy-to-enjoy taste that'll help soothe you into the day or accompany a relaxing meal. These loose Hojicha leaves have been locally grown from Japan, nurtured in a sustainable and healthy part of Japanese countryside, to immerse you in a light and fulfilling feeling of Japan's warm, welcoming nature.

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Much like Britain, Japan takes a lot of pride in its enjoyment of tea as a warm, healthy fuel to life, even beyond its love of green tea. Nowadays, all manner of teas from green to black to jasmine are available to discover everywhere, from vending machines to traditional teahouses. Here at japancentre.com we're all about allowing you to explore your taste for tea, so why not look at our selection for a great variety of loose, bagged and ready-to-drink bottle teas, as well as matcha powders.