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抹茶セット東風, 470 g, 3アイテム 残り僅か (あと5個)


4.5 / 5

22 review


抹茶茶碗 1客 直径約13cm x 高さ約7cm (東風模様、白)
茶筅 1本 長さ約10cm (竹製、ケース付き)
茶杓 1本 長さ約18cm (竹製)

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The Tea Ceremony is considered an art and was introduced by Buddhist monks many centuries ago. The ceremony usually takes place in a traditional tea house where the host prepares matcha green tea powder in front of a group of guests following strict etiquette. For more authentic Japanese tea equipment, take a look at Japan Centre's Teaware section.


The bamboo scoop, called ‘chashaku’ in Japanese, is used to add matcha green tea powder to the bowl. After adding hot water the whisk, or chasen, is used to vigorously mix the tea until it becomes frothy and ready to drink.



2 review
Beautifully made.
I’m quite new to drinking *** properly but overall this is a nice starter set. The whisk and scoop are good. I like that I can measure out smaller amounts of tea. In terms of mixing the tea the bowl and whisk work very well. The bowl is a little awkward for pouring if making more than one cup of tea at a time.