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イチバ 商品券(£10), 1 g


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11 review

10ポンドのIchiba Marketplace商品券。Ichiba Marketplace店にてご使用いただけます。日本の食料品や本の購入、またお食事の際にご利用ください。日本にご興味のある方、日本が恋しくなった日本人のお友達に最適なギフトです。

本商品券は、オンラインショップ、Umaiの店舗、Japan Centre店では使用できません。有効期限は発行後1年間です。

Please note, we have had to temporarily close our Ichiba store due to the ongoing situation surrounding Covid-19. We hope to be able to open soon. You can still purchase Ichiba vouchers ready for when we reopen. To ensure you have more opportunity to use your Ichiba voucher, we have also extended the validity from 12 months to 15 months from date of issue.

ITEM ID: #14196


- This voucher can only be used as full or part payment for goods and services provided by Ichiba Marketplace.
- It cannot be exchanged for cash.
- Valid for one year from date of issue.
- Valid at Ichiba Marketplace only (excludes umai Westfield, Japancentre.com, ad Japan Centre stores)
- Not valid without shop stamp, date of issue, and issuer's signature on the voucher(s).
- No change will be given if the value of goods purchased is less than the voucher(s) value.
- Vouchers may not be used on certain products, i.e. sale items.


1 review
It was a gift for a friend