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近藤真理さん(イラストレーターの本)スパークジョイ, 300 g

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ISBN: 9781785041020

ITEM ID: #14054


Japanese culture continues to be rich and still flows with a sense of tradition and respect in nearly all homes and lifestyles within the country, even among the challenges of modern society. Home life still takes on many unique customs and the enjoyment of traditional and modern hobbies continues to have a sense of humble but friendly honour so everyone can enjoy the experience. This has created a sense of community, leading to a popular trend in writing lifestyle books for both the home and people's own interests so that everyone can gain insight and understanding on how best to make the most of their daily life. At japancentre.com we have a selection of Home & Lifestyle books and magazines to clue you in these wonderful habits and help you feel part of it all.