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  • Yuzu gin

京屋酒造 油津ジン, 700 ml

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京屋酒造(宮崎県の焼酎蔵)「油津吟・YUZUGIN」 最大の特徴は、ベースが焼酎であること。ジュニパーベリー、柚子、山椒、生姜、きゅうり、ヘベス、日向夏、コリアンダーシード、グローブが入っています。

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Shochu is a strong distilled alcoholic beverage that can be made from any starchy or high-sugar produce, although the most common produce used is rice, sweet potato, or barley. Drunk on the rocks or mixed with hot water or other drinks, shochu has recently overtaken sake in popularity in Japan due to its smooth taste and drinkable nature.


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Alcohol: 47%