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  • 13610 my melody ceramic mug

サンリオ マイメロディ マグカップローズ, 156 g


Adorable Sanrio official teaware.

Having a ceramic mug as precious as a flower makes happiness easy to come by. Made by Sanrio, the creator of Hello Kitty and other beloved characters, this ceramic mug is decorated with My Melody, a cute white rabbit inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, and her best friend My Sweet Piano, a fluffy pink sheep. Together, they pick flowers as a present for you. This mug has written on its side in gentle cursive, "A sweet smile, a pretty Melody".

Mug measures approx. 12cm in width, 9cm in diameter, 8.5cm in height. 

ITEM ID: #13610


With Japan being such a large tea-drinking nation, it stands to reason that cups and mugs would be an important component in Japanese tableware. Traditional Japanese teacups are always handleless and either bowl- or cylinder-shaped, but more Western-style cups and larger mugs with handles are also common. Take a look at Japan Centre's Teaware section for a great range of stylish and practical Japan-made and Japan-inspired teaware.