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栄光 蔵元のにごり梅酒, 720 ml


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自社製の南高梅、米焼酎と高縄山系湧ヶ淵の名水で仕込んだこだわりの梅酒。梅の果肉がまるごと溶け込んだ濃厚な味わいと、甘すぎず、口当たり柔らかな仕上がりです。完熟梅の旨みがギュッと凝縮されており、香りも華やかな梅酒です。酸味料、着色料、香料は一切無添加です。 アルコール度数 12度 

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Umeshu is made by steeping unripened Japanese plums in alcohol and sugar to allow the flavours to infuse. The sour flavour of the ume plums and the sweetness of the sugar combine to give umeshu a sweet and sour flavour. Best served chilled, umeshu can be enjoyed straight, mixed with soda, or combined with other beverages for a seriously fruity cocktail!


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Alcohol: 12-13%


1 review
It's my most favorite umeshu. Very, very tasty!