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  • 13344 saniku instant vegetable curry sauce chickpeas lentils

三育フーズ 野菜と豆のカレー 中辛, 180 g

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ITEM ID: #13344


Curry was introduced to Japan by the British during the Meiji era of the 1800’s. Since then, it has evolved within Japan, taking on a unique flavour of its own (milder and a little sweeter than most Indian varieties), and become one of the most commonly utilised flavours and a much-loved dish all over the country. Take a look at Japan Centre's Curry & Stew section for a great range of Japanese curry items.


  • • Place pouch, unopened, in a pan of boiling water for 3-5 mins before removing, opening and pouring over rice or noodles.
  • • Alternatively, pour contents of pouch into a casserole dish, cover, and heat on high for 2 min (500W). Pour over rice or noodles to serve



Per Serving (180g):
• Energy: 672kJ/164kcal 
• Fat: 6.4g 
• Carbohydrate: 21.4g
• Protein: 5.3g
• Salt: 2.3g