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日本漢字フラッシュカード第2巻, 310 g

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単語カードのように漢字が学習できる、漢字カードです。200個の中級レベルの常用漢字が学習できます。日本語ネイティブの1400語以上の発音が入ったCDと32ページのブックレットつきです。Advanced Placement Testや日本語能力検定試験の学習にも。

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It is a widely held wisdom that learning a little bit of the local lingo when travelling will make the locals like you more and treat you better. For a language like Japanese, which is so different to English and other European languages, this can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully Japan Centre has a great range of textbooks, workbooks, phrase books and other resources available to help with your language learning. Take a look at our Japanese Language Books and Japanese Travel Books for our whole range.