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  • 12760 ebara kimchi nabe hotpot soup stock

エバラ キムチ鍋の素, 750 ml

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Nabe is something like the trademark Japanese winter warmer dish, much like a stew in the UK. Nabe is a type of hotpot, made by boiling up a savoury soup stock in a large pot and adding various meats, fish, protein, noodles and vegetables. The flavours of the nabe soup infuse into the other ingredients as they cook, bringing their natural flavours out. Whether you are new to nabe or a seasoned hotpot expert, you will find great-tasting hotpot sauces in japancentre.com's Ready Made Sauces section.


This nabe sauce makes a quick, filling dish.
• Mix the packet before pouring out the contents into a hotpot. Bring to the boil.
• Add vegetables, tofu, meat or seafood of your choice.
• Cook the ingredients through, distribute the serving plates and help yourselves.



Per 750g:
• Energy: 203kcal
• Protein: 12.0g
• Fat: 1.5g
• Carbohydrates: 34.5g
• Sodium: 9000mg
• (As Salt: 22.9g)