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  • 12172 otokomae kombu dashi tofu

賞味期限: 04-04-2018

男前豆腐 昆布だしのきぬ, 360 g, 6人前 残り僅か (あと1個)

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A firm tofu with umami-rich flavour.

For a firm yet silky tofu with plenty of extra flavour, Otokomae's silken tofu infused with kombu dashi is right on the money. This six-pack of fresh tofu is made locally in Kyoto from a combination of flavoursome, Hokkaido-grown Yukihomae soy beans and savoury kombu kelp seaweed dashi. The sweetness of the soy beans and the rich savoury flavour of the kombu create a harmonious flavour balance that any tofu lover is sure to enjoy. 

ITEM ID: #12172


Tofu in Japan is similar to cheese in the UK or France, in that it is a delicacy that many connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine spend a lot of time consuming and considering. No two tofu blocks taste the same, and tofu comes in a variety of different flavours and textures. If you yourself are passionate about these protein-packed blocks of soy, take a look at Japan Centre’s extensive Tofu range.


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Per Serving (60g):
• Energy: 47kcal
• Protein: 4.2g
• Fat: 1.9g
• Carbohydrate: 3.2g
• Salt: 0.26g