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毎日の栗原はるみさん料理家の料理:家族と友達のためのシンプルな和食ペーパーバック, 730 g



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グルマン世界料理本大賞グランプリを受賞した栗原はるみ氏の英語料理本3冊 目となるEveryday Harumi。海外の方でも作りやすい和食を中心に60点以上のレ シピが掲載、さらに、みりん、味噌、山葵などの日本食材料、調味料の説明も 掲載されています。野菜を沢山使った身体に優しい日本食をご家庭でお楽しみ いただけます。

ISBN: 978-1-84091-743-7

ITEM ID: #11347


Japanese cooking is known for being intricate, vivid and full of unique flavours, making it a delight to experience but sometimes a handful to try and recreate for yourself. Despite the increasing popularity of well-known Japanese dishes in the West, sometimes the recipes available don't bring out the full authenticity and flavour that Japan take's absolute pride in making the main aspect of it's cuisine. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of books helping to bridge this culture gap and deliver you detailed yet simple instruction on how to make delicious and genuine meals fit for any Japanese household. Here at japancentre.com we strive to help turn your kitchen into a great culinary adventure, so why not check out Cooking & Sushi Making Book range, and try your hand at something new.


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4 review
The book is beautifully presented with lovely photographs/illustrations and clear unambiguous instructions
Lovely book with enticing recipes
Good for beginners
Great looking recipes - already tried a couple which were very tasty and easy to do!\n\nExcellent explanation about the basics for a newbie like me!