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  • 11219 tokyo cult recipes
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11219 tokyo cult recipes 11219 tokyo cult recipes back

カルトレシピ:東京, 1.34 Kg

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野菜を中心とした、シンプルだけどおいしい日本の家庭料理が載ったレシピ本です。著者は、パリで料理教室が大好評のMaori Murotaさん。フランス人の心をつかんだ料理が多数収録されています。

ISBN: 978-1743365953

ITEM ID: #11219


Japancentre.com aims to be a one-stop online shop for Japanese food and drink for residents of the UK and across Europe, but did you know that we also have a book section? Full of manga, Japanese language text books, cook books and travel guides, this section is well worth a look if you are keen to expand your knowledge of Japan and Japanese culture.


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its a cookbook, i use it for recipes
This cook book has easy to follow recipes that I have begun to try and enjoy. The photos and clear instructions make cooking easy. Most recipes require only basic *** store cupboard ingredients so again makes it accessible to most people. I'd recommend this book to those that want an introduction to 'real' home style Japanese food. The website accurately describes the book.