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実力アップ! 日本語能力試験 N3 文のルール 文字 語彙 文の文法, 496 g

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日本語能力試験(NL)用に日本語の文法をワークブック形式で進める事が出来ます。 基本的な文構造、代替動詞形式、副詞、丁寧語、中級日本語文法の重要なポイントを解説しています。 JLPTの準備には不可欠です。


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Made to highly recognise Japanese ability in all areas from reading, to writing and spoken language, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a great qualification to gauge and acknowledge your own Japanese capability. With 5 qualifications, raising from beginner N5 to native N1 level, they are awarded for increasing comprehension of the language through multiple-choice exams and are regularly regarded by schools and employers as a key point to finding you a suitable course or career. Held in both July and December across countries worldwide, if you're looking to make Japanese one of your vital career and lifestyle skills, pick up our informative range of JLPT mock question and study books here at japancentre.com, and get learning towards earning these invaluable qualifications.