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Sake is made by fermenting sake rice with koji; a mould that grows on rice. The flavour of sake varies depending on different variables, such as temperature and polishing levels.

All of our chilled sake must be sent with our Before Noon delivery service and with chilled gel packs to ensure quality is retained during transit. 

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1563 asahi shuzo manjyu junmai daiginjo sake

朝日酒造 久保田 萬寿, 720 ml 残り僅か (あと4個)

13601 urakasumi zen junmai ginjo sake

浦霞 禅 純米吟醸酒, 720 ml 残り僅か (あと4個)

12870 tonoike shuzo sanran daiginjo sake

外池酒造 大吟醸 燦爛, 300 ml 残り僅か (あと5個)