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Gyoza Nabe

Gyoza Nabe

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Se non riuscire a scegliere tra i gyoza e il nabe, questa ricetta fa al caso vostro. Perfetto per una cena in compagnia, specialmente in inverno, questo piatto aggiunge i gyoza al nabe di verdura. Da preparare direttamente in una pentola al centro del tavolo, così che ognuno possa aggiungere i propri ingredienti e servirsi da solo.


• gyoza dumplings
• cabbage
• beansprouts
• 1 leek
• shiitake or kikurage mushrooms
• 600ml dashi stock
• 30ml mirin
• 7g salt
• 10ml soy sauce
• sesame oil
• sesame seeds


  1. Chop your vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Add the dashi stock, mirin, salt and soy sauce to pan you will be using for the nabe. If you’re using dried shiitake or kikurage mushrooms you can add them straight to the stock if you like.

  2. Next add the cabbage, beansprouts, leek and any fresh mushroom in order, then cover and turn on the heat. When the hot pot has reached the boil, add the gyoza, cover and cook for a further 10 minutes.

  3. When the gyoza are heated through, turn off the heat and season to taste with sesame oil and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Enjoy.

Consigli e maggiori informazioni

• If you prefer a vegetarian nabe hot pot, simply use vegetable gyoza and konbu or shiitake mushroom dashi.
• You can add other vegetables and also shirataki noodles work well in the hot pot.
• Try citrus/yuzu ponzu soy sauce to dip the vegetables and gyoza, it tastes very good.

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