Sushi di tacchino

Sushi di tacchino

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Provate a fare un sushi diverso dal solito, un sushi al tacchino. Il sushi viene tradizionalmente preparato con tonno, salmone, gamberi o avocado, ma il recente aumento della popolarità del sushi ha scatenato la creatività di tutto il mondo e così sono nate nuove ricette come questa. Il sushi al tacchino è facile e divertente da preparare ed è anche economico, quindi perfetto per il bento.


• 300g riso cotto
• 80ml aceto per sushi
• 1 foglio di alghe nori
• tacchino (o pollo) cotto
• 2 cucch. salsa teriyaki (facoltativo)
• salsa di soia (facoltativo)
• wasabi (facoltativo)
• semi di sesamo (facoltativo)



  1. Before we start making our makizushi, we need to prepare our sushi rice. To make sushi rice, sticky short grain rice is mixed with a special sushi rice vinegar. You can find more about how to make perfect sticky rice and sushi rice on our recipe.

  2. Cover two thirds of one side of the nori seaweed with your sushi rice approximately 1cm high. Flip it over so that the rice is face down on a sheet of cling film with the bare section of nori seaweed at the top.

  3. Add your cooked turkey (or chicken) on top of the nori seaweed. You can choose to add some vegetables if you wish before spreading the teriyaki sauce evenly over the turkey.

  4. Now for the fun bit. Start rolling up the ingredients while keeping the roll tight. Once you have rolled it up initially, use the cling film and a rolling mat to make sure the roll is pressed together as tightly as possible. Be careful not to get the cling film caught up inside the roll. The sticky rice should keep everything together without it falling apart.

  5. Finally, cut your roll into 6-8 pieces and sprinkle some sesame seeds over the rice if you want some additional flavour. Mix together some soy sauce with a little wasabi paste in a small dish and use as a dip for your sushi.

Consigli e maggiori informazioni

• If you’re a Japanese food fan, you may also have a useful rice cooker that makes cooking perfect rice for sushi much quicker and easier.
If you really don’t want to spend too much time with rice preparation, you can try our microwavable rice. Just mix one packet of cooked rice with 4 tablespoons of sushi rice vinegar.

• Try wrapping your sushi rolling mat with cling film before you start rolling at this will not only make the mat easier to clean after using, but helps the sticky rice from getting stuck on the mat.

• It is a good idea to have a bowl of water next to you when you are making makizushi to keep your fingers wet so the rice doesn’t stick to them. It is also a good idea to keep the knife wet when you cut it to guarantee a clean cut.