Tonno grigliato con marinatura al Miso

Tonno grigliato con marinatura al Miso

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Questa ricetta, ideale per cena, unisce il sapore umami del tonno a quello del miso. Si prepara marinando il tonno alla griglia in una miscela di miso, dashi e maionese. Questo piatto esalta il sapore del tonno attraverso il gusto saporito di dashi e miso e la cremosità della maionese. Può essere accompagnato da riso bianco e verdure al vapore, oppure può essere la parte principale di un bento.


• 1 filetto di tonno
• 2 cucch.ini miso
• 1 cucch.ino maionese 
• 1/4 cucch.ino brodo dashi
• 1 cucch. acqua
• 1/2 cucch.ino zucchero


  1. Begin by removing the fish bones (if any) from your fillets and then season your fish with salt and pepper to suit your own taste. When you’re finished, simply mix the miso paste, dashi stock, water and sugar together in a bowl to create the marinade.

  2. Grab a grill plate and heat it up on the hob with a teaspoon of cooking oil over a medium to high heat. Once the grill plate is hot, place the fish on the grill and allow it to cook for a few minutes on either side, flipping it over half way through.

  3. Once your fish is cooked, pour over the miso marinade and allow the flavours to infuse the fish for a few moments. Then squeeze a generous dollop of mayonnaise over the fish before serving.

Consigli e maggiori informazioni

• Using a grill plate will give you the best results and can make the fish healthier by allowing some of the oils to run off. However, a normal frying pan will also give you great results.
• This makes a great evening meal when combined with rice and some veggies, but if you are looking for a quick bite for lunch, try cutting the fish into bitesize pieces and before cooking. Then add to a bowl of rice to make a donburi style dish, or as part of a healthy bento lunchbox.