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Hamburger di Tofu ed Edamame

Hamburger di Tofu ed Edamame

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Un hamburger ricco di sapore vi aspetta alla fine di questa ricetta. Il composto per fare questi hamburger combina tofu (un ingrediente ad alto contenuto proteico che assorbe i sapori di tutto ciò con cui viene cotto) e edamame (fagioli di soia acerbi, anche ad alto contenuto proteico e molto saporiti), e vari condimenti. Il risultato è un piatto così invitante e ricco di sapore che anche i più grandi amanti della carne non sentiranno la mancanza del pollo o del maiale.


• 1/2 confezione di tofu solido
• 70g pangrattato panko
• 1/2 cucch.ino miso
• 1/2 cucch. maionese
• salsa Worcester 
• 50g edamame bolliti
• 1 carota
• 1/4 cipolla
• 1 uovo
• 150g macinato di pollo o di tacchino (facoltativo)


  1. Begin by cutting the onion and carrot into very small pieces, then stir-frying them in a pan or wok with a little cooking oil. Once they are cooked, set them aside for later.

  2. To prepare the tofu, drain any excess liquid before mashing it with a cooking spoon in a bowl. Add the panko and mix together well before adding the vegetables, egg, miso paste, mayonnaise and the meat, if you are going for the meaty version. You can also add a little salt and pepper to taste here if you like. Make sure that the ingredients are mixed in evenly and the tofu becomes as smooth as possible.

  3. Once your tofu mix is ready, divide it into 6 equally sized pieces and press them into burger shapes with your hands.

  4. Finally, heat a little cooking oil in a pan and cook your tofu burgers on a low to medium heat for approximately 3 to 4 minutes each side. Serve with a generous squeeze of Japanese style Worcestershire sauce and some freshly boiled rice or a salad on the side.

Consigli e maggiori informazioni

• If you are having trouble forming the burger shapes, try adding some more panko breadcrumbs to make them more solid and easier to shape.

• No worcestershire sauce in your cupboard? You can use soy sauce, ponzu, tomato sauce or even some ratatouille as a tasty replacement. Worcestershire sauce also contains anchovies so is not suitable if you want a 100% vegetarian option.

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