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Ramen Hiyashi Chuka

Ramen Hiyashi Chuka

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Questa ricetta vi permetterà di godervi dell'ottimo ramen anche d'estate. Il ramen hiyashi chuka è composto da noodles per ramen freddi, al cui si aggiungono una serie di colorati ingredienti come uova, prosciutto, cetriolo e zenzero, il tutto condito con salsa di soia o salsa al sesamo. Un piatto perfetto per essere servito a pranzo, quando fa più caldo.


ramen noodles, cooked
japanese omlette, sliced
benishoga red pickled ginger
ham or cooked pork, sliced
sesame or soy sauce dressing of choice
karashi japanese mustard


  1. Prepare your ramen noodles according to the directions on the packet. This usually requires you to cook the ramen for about 4 minutes depending on the noodle manufacturer, so cook them until they reach your preferred texture.

  2. Once the noodles have cooked, drain them in a sieve immediately and rinse them under cold water a few times before putting them aside briefly.

  3. When you have finished with the noodles, you can prepare your other items. First, cook an omelette and slice into very thin strips. Slice your other ingredients, the cucumber, ginger, ham or cooked pork also into thin strips.

  4. After slicing all the ingredients, take the noodles out of the fridge and arrange them on a plate. Place the toppings on top of the noodles so that they are all pointing upwards in a similar fashion to the photograph for the receipe. Finally you can pour the dressing over the noodles and they are ready to go.

  5. Serve immediately with a little karashi Japanese mustard and enjoy the cool taste of these noodles, even on the hottest days.

Consigli e maggiori informazioni

- Like many Japanese dishes, Hiyashi Chuka Ramen can be very flexible with the ingredients you use. The ingredients we listed above are traditional, but you can also use items like tomato, cooked prawn, carrot, crab stick, spring onion, avocado, bean sprouts or nori seaweed . Just slice any of these ingredients into thin strips and use as above.

- If you use ginger, make sure to get the red coloured pickled ginger for this dish and not sushi ginger called Gari .

- The colder all your ingredients are, the more you can appreciate this dish in hot weather. You can store all the cooked and prepared ingredients in the fridge until lunch time and then you just need to put them on a dish to serve when you are ready.

- All our Hiyashi Chuka Ramen sets come with a sauce, but if you prefer to make your own sauce, it is quite simple to create. Simply mix together water, sesame oil, soy sauce , rice vinegar and a little sugar for a delicious Japanese style dressing.

- Hiyashi Chuuka Ramen means “Chilled Chinese Noodles” in Japanese. Like many noodle based dishes in Japan, this recipe originated in China before evolving into the Japanese meal it is today.

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