Temari Sushi al salmone per Halloween

Temari Sushi al salmone per Halloween

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Festeggiate Halloween con una semplice ricetta giapponese: il temari sushi di Halloween al salmone. Bastano del riso per sushi, salmone e alghe nori per decorazione. Questi bocconcini di sushi sono facili e divertenti da preparare. Quindi perché non coinvolgere tutti e far preparare a ognuno le facce spaventose per il proprio sushi?


250g cooked japanese rice
1 tbsp sushi vinegar
smoked salmon
nori seaweed sheets
wasabi paste
soy sauce and pickled sushi ginger, to serve


  1. To prepare the sushi rice, cook your rice beforehand as per your preferred method. Allow the rice to slightly cool, and then add the sushi vinegar to the rice.

  2. Once the rice is cooked, grab some cling film and place a few thin slices of salmon in the centre. Then add a tablespoon of  rice on the salmon and pull the film tight by twisting it to turn the rice in a ball.

  3. For a final touch, decorate your salmon with nori seaweed cut into halloween shapes such as jack o’ lanterns, witch’s hats, spiders or anything else suitable for halloween.

Consigli e maggiori informazioni

• If you don’t like fish, you can use ingredients such as avocado or tamagoyaki omelette to decorate your temari sushi instead. For tamagoyaki, you might want to add some food colouring to give an orange tint to the omelette to make it look like a pumpkin.
• Try and keep your hands a little wet so the rice won’t stick.
• Use your imagination to create scary nori seaweed halloween shapes. To make a spider, just cut a round piece of nori and draw the legs with some wasabi paste.