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Salsa per insalata al Miso

Salsa per insalata al Miso

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Questa salsa trasformerà anche la più semplice delle insalate in un contorno speciale. L'uso più classico del miso è quello per la preparazione della zuppa di miso, ma questo ingrediente si presta perfettamente anche per preparare marinature e salse saporite. Provatela sulla prossima vostra insalata, ad esempio, come contorno a una bistecca: il miso esalterà il gusto umami della carne.


60ml miso
2 cucch. salsa di soia 
2 cucch. aceto di riso
2 cucch. olio di sesamo 
1 pezzetto di zenzero fresco


  1. Start by peeling the fresh ginger first. The easiest way to peel ginger is to use a spoon to scrape off the outer layer.

  2. Once your ginger is peeled, grate it into a paste using a grater or blend it with a food blender until there are no solid pieces remaining.

  3. Now add the miso paste, soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil to the ginger paste and mix it well together.

  4. While you are mixing the ingredients, add a little water gradually until the dressing is at the right consistency. It is now ready to serve either as a dressing or even simply to dip some fresh vegetables in.

Consigli e maggiori informazioni

- You can use either red or white miso to make this dressing depending on which flavour you personally prefer. We like red miso for this recipe, but if you want to try it with a milder, slightly sweet taste, try white miso instead.
- Try adding a little salt, or even sugar to the dressing while you mix the ingredients to get the right flavour for your tastes.