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Onigiri con riso aromatizzato (Omusubi)

Onigiri con riso aromatizzato (Omusubi)

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È difficile immaginare uno spuntino più veloce e nutriente degli omusubi. Omusubi è un sinonimo di onigiri, le famosissime polpette di riso ripiene. Il riso può essere condito in qualsiasi modo vogliate e il risultato sarà uno spuntino perfetto, un pranzo al volo sano o una componente del vostro bento. Sbizzarritevi!


150g riso giapponese cotto
15g furikake (condimento per riso) a scelta


  1. Start by cooking your rice using your preferred method. If you are not sure about how to cook Japanese rice, try using japancentre.com's Japanese Rice recipe to guide you.

  2. Once the rice has cooked and cooled slightly, measure out approximately 320g (or 2 normal sized bowls worth) of cooked rice into a larger bowl and add about 15g of the rice seasoning.

  3. Mix the rice seasoning with the rice until it has a good even consistency before grabbing a handful and shaping it into a triangle with your hands. It’s a good idea to wet your hands before shaping as the rice is very sticky.

  4. Finally, place a few onigiri on the bamboo leaf and wrap it up before carefully tying it up with string. And there it is, a perfectly presented authentic Japanese dish.