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Rainbow Maki Sushi Roll

Rainbow Maki Sushi Roll

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Sushi rolls, or ‘makizushi’ in Japanese, are what most non-Japanese people think of when they think of sushi. Makizushi is made by wrapping up fillings in rice and nori seaweed. This recipe shows you how to make a colourful rainbow maki sushi roll. Sure to please and impress guests.


for the sushi rice:
660g cooked japanese sushi rice
50ml sushi vinegar

for the rainbow roll:
6pcs slices of sashimi grade fish
1 long strip of sashimi grade fish
1 long strip of cucumber
5 shiso leaves, cut into halves
1 sheet nori seaweed
3 tsp ikura salmon eggs
1/2 tsp wasabi

to serve:
1 tbsp soy sauce



  1. Moisten the inside of a sushi rice mixing bowl or a large bowl to prevent the rice from sticking. The rice needs to be freshly cooked and hot when preparing sushi rice.
  2. Place the cooked rice in the bowl and add the sushi vinegar. Gently mix the vinegar into the rice using a rice paddle until the vinegar is well incorporated. Let the sushi rice cool down to room temperature. Cover the sushi rice with a moistened tea towel to prevent the rice from drying out.
  3. Cut the nori seaweed into halves, and then place half of the nori on the sushi mat shiny side down. As a golden rule, the shiny side of the nori seaweed should always be on the outside of the sushi.
  4. Place roughly 110g of sushi rice on the nori seaweed and spread across evenly. Flip the nori seaweed and sushi rice so that the nori seaweed is facing upwards. Add a small amount of wasabi and place the two long strips of cucumber and sashimi grade fish into the centre.
  5. Start rolling from the bottom, tucking the edge of the roll to fully enclose the filling. Lift the edge of the mat and continue to roll forward until the sushi is formed into a firm cylinder.
  6. Lay the fish and shiso leaves out onto the roll, alternating layers of the fish and shiso leaves. Press the roll gently with the sushi mat to mould the toppings on top of the roll.
  7. Slightly wet the blade of a sharp knife and slice the roll into 6 pieces. First, slice it into halves and then the halves into thirds. Clean the knife with a wet towel between cuts to prevent the rice from sticking to the knife.
  8. Garnish the roll with ikura salmon eggs and serve with soy sauce.

Consigli e maggiori informazioni

- Wrapping your sushi mat in cling film helps the rice from sticking to it, as well as makes cleaning very easy.