Alette di pollo Tebasaki

Alette di pollo Tebasaki

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This recipe for tebasaki, or Japanese style chicken wings, is a must-try for any lover of buffalo wings and similar meaty side dishes. Unlike karaage-style chicken, where bite-size pieces of marinated chicken are deep fried, tebasaki uses the whole chicken wing (bone and all), and the chicken is deep-fried before being added to the sweet, sticky glaze. Try making up a plate of these the next time you fancy fried chicken. You definitely will not regret it.


10 chicken wings
3 tbsp katakuriko potato starch
oil for frying

2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp mirin
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp cooking sake
2 tbsp rice vinegar

to serve:
pinch of white sesame seeds
drizzle of sesame oil
chopped parsley


  1. With some kitchen roll, pat the chicken wings dry to remove all excess moisture. Add potato starch and chicken wings to a large plastic bag. Shake to coat all wings evenly with the starch.
  2. In a deep frying pan or wok, heat your preferred frying oil (we recommend vegetable or peanut oil) to 180°C.
  3. Gently place the chicken wings into the hot oil and deep-fry for about 4-7 minutes, depending on the size of the wings, until golden brown and crisp. Take the cooked wings out and place on some kitchen roll to dry.
  4. In a small saucepan, add all the ingredients for the sauce and heat on medium heat. Stir consistently until the sugar has dissolved and the sauce has thickened slightly. Add the cooked wings and coat evenly in the sauce. Remove from heat and place on a serving plate.
  5. To serve, top with sesame seeds and a drizzle of sesame oil. Sprinkle chopped parsley for a colour contrast.

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- Feel free to add other spices and seasonings to the sauce if you want. You can try using honey or maple syrup instead of sugar, or you can add garlic paste as well.