Udon al maiale e kimchi

Udon al maiale e kimchi

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Enjoy a full-flavoured udon dish with plenty of heat, courtesy of this unique recipe for pork kimchi udon noodles. The soup base for this dish is a combination of miso, dashi, and mirin rice wine, making for a hearty savoury flavour. Meanwhile, the distinct taste of spring onions, leeks, and kimchi cut through the richness of the soup and sliced pork belly. The overall effect is a fine balance of different savoury and spicy flavours.


200g pork (sliced pork belly is recommended)
200g kimchi (any style)
1/2 leek
spring onion
600ml water
4g dashi powder
3 tbsp miso
2 tsp-1 tbsp mirin
2 servings pre-cooked udon
poached eggs (optional)


  1. Slice the leek diagonally into 1cm thick pieces.
  2. Heat some oil in a frying pan. Add the pork and leek to the pan and cook.
  3. Add the water and dashi powder and bring to the boil. Once boiled, add the miso and mirin. Try not to over boil after adding the miso to retain the live cultures in the miso. Stir until all is incorporated.
  4. Add the udon, allow to simmer for a couple of minutes to absorb the flavour from the broth. Taste and add more miso, mirin and dashi if necessary.
  5. Pour the udon, pork, leek and soup into a serving bowl and top with the kimchi and spring onion. (You can place a poached egg on top if you like). Enjoy.