Sushi Ehomaki

Sushi Ehomaki

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Take your maki sushi to a new level with this ehomaki sushi roll recipe. Ehomaki is a long sushi roll eaten on the night of Setsubun (a Japan-wide religious festival welcoming the beginning of spring), filled with seven different ingredients to represent the seven gods of happiness (Shichifukujin). Use the recommended fillings or choose your own, and be sure to eat your ehomaki facing the year’s lucky direction for the authentic experience.


230-250g sushi rice
2-3 sheets nori seaweed

possible fillings:
anago eel (kabayaki)
tamagoyaki (japanese egg omelette)
kanpyo dried and seasoned gourd strips (pre-cooked if possible)
shiitake mushroom


  1. Cook the shiitake mushroom with dashi, mirin, soy sauce and sugar until tender.
  2. Cut your selected fish and tamagoyaki into strips.
  3. Put the nori sheet on your sushi rolling mat. Spread the sushi rice evenly over the nori, leaving about a 1cm gap on the far side.
  4. Place your ingredients in a line on top of the rice one by one. Grab the near end of the rolling mat to start rolling, while keeping the roll tight.  Roll over the filling in one go. Squeeze tightly to secure the shape.
  5. For an ehomaki, you must not cut the roll for the luck benefits, but if it is too big to eat cut the roll into 6-8 pieces and serve with some soy sauce, wasabi and sushi ginger.

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Use a bowl of vinegar water for dipping your fingers when rolling sushi will help to avoid the rice from sticking to your fingers and making the roll easier to roll.