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Sapporo Sour

Sapporo Sour

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Try adding Japanese alcohols to your cocktails for unique flavour variation. This winter cocktail combines yuzu umeshu (a beverage made by stewing yuzu citrus fruits in sugar and alcohol) with vodka, as well as cranberry juice, lime juice and orange juice, for a sensationally festive, fruity flavour. Guaranteed to get all of your guests into the holiday spirit.


50ml cranberry juice
30ml yuzu umeshu
50ml tovaritch vodka
15ml lime juice
15ml orange juice
10ml syrup
egg white


  1. Shake (more than 15 sec) the egg white with 5ml of lime juice to create a thick foam. Open the shaker and add the rest of the ingredients. Shake for 10 seconds then add ice cubes and shake for 5 seconds more. Strain into chilled a coupe glass.
  2. Garnish with a raspberry dusted with powdered sugar and matcha powder and angostura bitter drops. Enjoy.