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Niseko Sparkle

Niseko Sparkle

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Use Japanese alcohol to make your next set of cocktails and leave your house guests guessing. This spicy winter cocktail combines raisin-infused sake with pear juice and Bénédictine (a French herbal liquor) for a warmingly sweet, fruity drink. Garnish with star anise and cinnamon for a little extra spice.


50ml sake with gold flakes
30ml absolut vodka pear
40ml pear juice
20ml benedectine
10ml grenadine syrup


  1. Before making the cocktail, add as many raisins as you wish into the sake and allow to infuse for at least 2 hours. The longer the raisins are left in, the more their flavour will diffuse into the sake.
  2. Shake all the ingredients (except grenadine syrup) and double strain into a tall glass over crushed ice. Pour in the grenadine syrup for a shade effect at the bottom.
  3. Garnish with 2 star anise and half of a cinnamon stick dusted with icing sugar. Enjoy.

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