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Tè verde Sencha sfuso, Yamamotoyama, 150 g

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Una confezione di tè verde sencha sfuso. Questo tè verde ha un gusto molto delicato, con note erbose e un leggero retrogusto amarognolo. Di qualità superiore rispetto alla versione in bustina e altrettanto semplice da preparare.


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Sencha is the most common variety of Japanese tea and accounts for approximately 80% of the tea produced in Japan. Sencha has a greenish, golden colour and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

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Valori nutrizionali

Per Serving: (3g)
• Calories: 0kcal
• Total Fat: 0g
• Sodium: 0mg
• Total Carb: 0g
• Protein: 0g



10 Valutazioni
The tea quality is good. I think tea lovers would love this product!
I drink it each day and feel it has contributed to my well being. I would recommend it to any one. It is of high quality
Good product and reasonable price
a very good green tea - excellent flavour
I'm a regular buyer of this product as this is the only tea I have *** in nearly 10 years. I was totally hooked on this after visiting friends in Tokyo years ago. Although I have tried other varieties /brands the *** *** is my total favourite. This is in my opinion a mid range tea both in flavour and cost. I would never be without it.
This is about Yamamotoyama 200g I bought last year. This year it is 150g. Have not used this year’s purchase and I hope it is the same.\n\n1- it is not powdery and although it is not whole leaf between powder Size (0) and leaf(10) the 200mg, last year product was 3 to 4. For me the larger cuts are better\n2-when hot water added it has a gold colour\n3-it has not got strong green tea tase. It has much smoother; perhaps because the way I prepare it\n4- I mix this with Continental Sencha which I tried in Regent’s Park. The above is sencha with a little fruit flavour to give it a pleasant aroma. It is not fruit tea! It has a a tiny bits\n5- I mix them 4 to 1 part and use ** small tea pots and add hot water( left a bit after boiled) and pour it in small Chinese cups, two small cups for two people and No water should be left in the small tea **. I can add more hot water later and I can do this 4-5 times. \n6- I add a tea spoon of the mixed tea in a small pot which is the size of the palm
very nice good quality green tea
Good quality for the price