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Kit per Origami - Kokeshi, 130 g


Unfold a new aspect of origami art.

With this colourfully charming book, challenge your creative side to form the most delightful Kokeshi dolls from origami card only! Including specially designed sheets that are printed with 11 traditional designs, this book gives detailed instructions with pictures and diagrams on how to intricately fold each sheet into different Kokeshi doll styles, with explanations on each doll's significance and historic background. Forming a delightful and decorative collection for you to display or even share among family and friends as a sign of good will, pick up this book for a unique twist on this historic Japanese hobby of many shapes and sizes.

ISBN: 978-4-86152-283-3


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The art of folding paper into intricate designs, known as Origami, has remained an iconic cultural image of Japan for over a thousand years and to this day it remains a popular and thoroughly enjoyed pastime for all ages. With thousands of intricate tutorials and classes available in both Japan and beyond, it's easy now for anyone to pick up a simple practice kit and start learning, so why not browse our selection of Origami paper and tutorial books at japancentre.com and add a new creative, colourful edge to your Japanese interests. 

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