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Tè di fiori di ciliegio, Marui Shokuhin, 40 g

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77 Valutazioni

Un tè ai fiori di ciliegio da bere quando si festeggia un nuovo inizio.

Questo tè viene prodotto raccogliendo, essiccando e mettendo in conserva i fiori di ciliegio di metà/fine primavera. Per preparare questo tè dal gusto leggermente salato basta aggiungere un paio di fiori in una tazza di acqua calda e li vedrete "sbocciare". Per tradizione, questo tè viene bevuto durante i matrimoni o in altre occasioni di festa.


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Tea is Japan’s hot drink of choice, and although the vast majority of the tea drunk in Japan comes in the form of sencha (a type of green tea), there are a lot of other teas commonly enjoyed there as well. From wheat infusions to kombu kelp brews to cherry blossom blends, Japan Centre has a tea for all tastes and preference. Take a look at our great Tea range.

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7 Valutazioni
Lovely product, just how I imagined it would be!
They have a delicate aroma and a slightly salty flavour. I make tea out of them and then I reuse the blossom to decorate my home made Sakura, Kansai style mochi.
Tasty! Should stock in store
Lovely taste
First time I’ve tried this. Very pretty. Unusual flavour. Also tried it in a ** & tonic.
It has a subtle floral and a bit salty taste (if you remember to shake the flowers of salt before making the tea, otherwise it's overwhelmingly salty). Might be nice every once in a while, but not my personal favourite and I'm not sure it's worth the price.
Haven't tried yet but look really good