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Soba, Yutaka, 250 g

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I tradizionali noodles giapponesi a base di farina di grano saraceno.
Questa confezione contiene 250g di soba, perfetta da servire in brodo, fredda o saltata. Questi noodles sono adatti ai vegetariani, non contengono additivi né conservanti e sono un'ottima alternativa alla classica pasta.


Maggiori informazioni

Soba noodles are traditional Japanese noodles made with buckwheat flour. Yutaka soba noodles are easy to cook. Once boiled you can serve in a soup stock with toppings such as freshly chopped spring onions, grilled chicken, prawn tempura or fried tofu. Just like how the Japanese enjoy them.

Istruzioni e osservazioni

Making udon noodles is just like making pasta!
• Add the noodles to a large, deep pan of boiling water and simmer for approximately five minutes. The noodles should be cooked through to the centre but still quite firm.
• Drain and serve immediately.

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Valori nutrizionali

Per 100g:
• Energy: 349kcal
• Protein: 11.5g
• Fat: 1.2g
• Carbohydrate: 70.0g
• Salt: 1.5g



3 Valutazioni
Ok noodles what can you say\n
These soba noodles are really tasty and quick to cook, making them very convenient when you don't have much time
My go-to place for buckwheat noodles