Funghi shiitake essiccati bio, Clearspring, 40 g

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Date più gusto ai vostri piatti e fatelo in stile Giapponese grazie a questi funghi shiitake essiccati di Clearspring al 100% biologici. Questi funghi vengono coltivati in Giappone e vengono accuratamente selezionati prima di essere essiccati. Il processo di essiccazione permette di preservarne al meglio il gusto e di conservarli a lungo. Aggiungeteli agli stir-fry o alle zuppe, oppure ancora utilizzateli per preparare del brodo dashi vegano.
I funghi sono coltivati in Giappone


Maggiori informazioni

Clearspring are well-known for creating food items that are delicious, authentically Japanese, and of the highest quality. And sometimes for produce to be of the highest quality, it has to be organic. These mushrooms, for instance, have been grown without using any chemical fertilisers, synthetic pesticides, or agricultural processes deemed harmful to the environment. It is believed that this makes the produce is also better tasting and better for the body.

Istruzioni e osservazioni

To prepare these mushrooms for cooking, soak them for 15 minutes in warm water and remove any hard stems. Now they are perfect for slicing up and using in your cooking as you would a fresh mushroom.

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Valori nutrizionali

Per Serving (15g):
• Energy: 29kcal
• Protein: 2.6g
• Fat: 0.3g
• Carbohydrate: 3.9g
• Fibre: 5.7g
• Salt: trace

Ingredients and allergens

Shiitake mushrooms* (Lentinula edodes) *organically grown


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I used these in the allpurpose noodle sauce i made, and they added a great earthy taste to the sauce, the description of this product was again accurate, and I cannot wait to use them in further recipes! Would definitely reccommend.
Good quality
Excellent quality
Excellent flavour