Arnest Mini Bear & Cat Shaped Onigiri Rice Ball Mould Set, 125 g Quasi esaurito (solo 3 disponibili)


Create surprisingly simple bear and cat rice balls!

Making rice more adorable couldn't be easier than moulding charming cat and bear shapes with this handy onigiri rice ball set! Featuring a plastic, handled mould for each animal shape plus a petit punch cutter for pressing cute facial expressions from nori seaweed, this compact set creates custom rice balls ready to leap on anyone's plate from the moment their shaped. Fun to customise with sauces and seasonings. 


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Although onigiri are by and large mostly triangular or circular shaped, more and more often onigiri makers are getting creative and making onigiri in all sorts of shapes. This may have something to do with the ever-increasing popularity of ‘decoben’, or decorative bento lunches. If you are longing to release your culinary decorating skills, take a look at the decoben equipment available at Japan Centre Online.

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