Musashino Shoin Dondon Yomeru Assorted Short Stories For Reading Comprehension, 210 g

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A collection of short, cultural stories for intermediate Japanese readers.

Combining the famous fables of Natsume Soseki and Ryonosuke Akutagawa with a charming compilation of curious everyday tales, this anthology of Japanese short stories provides exciting reading comprehension for Japanese learners to study. Featuring illustrations and simple Japanese definitions to describe words and phrases unfamiliar to intermediate readers, this compilation includes both traditional and modern stories to expand you vocabulary and natural reading ability. Each only a few pages in length so they are easy to re-read, review and even practice translation with, all unfamiliar kanji are given furigana readings for easy recognition and reference, teaching you the important reading skills to tackle longer stories and materials in the future.

Compiled by Miharu Akimoto and Yuu Itokawa. Illustrations by Michiko Terashima. Paperback, 136 pages.

ISBN: 4-8386-0368-1


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