Nanbu Bijin Umeshu Plum Wine, 300 ml

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Naturally sweet, refreshing plum wine.

Unsweetened for a more well-rounded plum flavour, this rich and fruity umeshu wine offers sips of luscious umami decadence. Enriched with full-bodied junmai sake for a dense mouthfeel and dry finish, this plum wine strikes the balance of being both satisfying and light, thanks to Nanbu Bijin's meticulous brewing of their own quality rice malt. Suitably paired with a wide range of cuisine and even superb as an aperitif, treat yourself to a healthy, chilled glass of comforting plum wine refreshment.

Alcohol: 9% ABV.


Maggiori informazioni

The sour flavour of the ume plums and the aroma of koji combine to give umeshu a sweet and sour flavour. Best served chilled, umeshu can be enjoyed straight, mixed with soda, or combined with other beverages for a seriously fruity cocktail!.

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Valori nutrizionali

  • Alcohol 9% ABV.

Ingredients and allergens

Water, Rice, Rice Koji, Plum