Calbee Non-Fried Salted Pea Snacks, 67 g

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Pops of salty, fibre-rich crunch.

Baked to light perfection and gently seasoned in salt and oil, these savoury pea snacks are a deliciously delicate snack packed with nutritious goodness. Each made from vitamin-rich garden peas and creamy rice grits, these crispy, bean-shaped snacks are moreish, with a combination of sweet and salty flavours providing a satisfying snap of umami flavour. Packed with fibre for easy-snacking for both children and adults, this share size bag is perfect for occasional munching, parties and picnics.


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Crackers and snack foods are where an astounding amount of innovation exists in Japanese food companies. From spicy wasabi peas to wafer-thin crackers seasoned with flattened fish, Japanese snacks are a culinary experience in themselves. To explore the world of Japanese rice crackers and other savoury snacks, take a look at’s whole Rice Crackers and Snacks range.

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Valori nutrizionali

Per Bag (67g):
• Energy: 1314kJ/314Kcal
• Fat: 15.4g
• Carbohydrates: 35.9g
• Carbohydrate: 11.8g
• Salt: 0.8g

Ingredients and allergens

Green Pea, Vegetable Oil, Rice Grits, Salt, Seasoning(Amino Acid), Calcium Carbonate, Flavouring(Wheat, Soybean), Antioxidant(Vitamin C). Also contains Wheat, Soybean. May contain traces of Egg, Milk, Prawn(Crustaceans), Crab(Crustaceans).