Sanada Seiko Large Condiment Grater, 115 g


Grate vegetables and condiments with convenient ease.

Commonly used in Japan to create popular garnishes such as oroshi daikon grated radish, wasabi paste & shredded ginger, this large, angled grater, comes with a sturdy handle and basin to produce fine condiments for Japanese cooking. Lined with serrated holes across its lid as well as a raised "teeth" surface for finer grating, this grater makes it easy to shred vegetables, fruits and spices to your ideal size, so they can be quickly prepared and ready to add to your favourite meals. Provided with a pouring mouth in the basin, to remove excess liquids, make creating your own condiments & seasonings as simple as can be.

Grater measures approx. 24.2cm in length, 9.8cm in width, 5.6cm in height.


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