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Stampo per hosomaki sushi (rotoli di sushi stretti), 60 g

Questo stampo in plastica per hosomaki è composto da due parti e vi permetterà di ottenere rotolini di sushi sempre perfetti. Gli hosomaki sono rotolini con un solo ingrediente all'interno. Sul retro della confezione si trovano le istruzioni sotto forma di illustrazioni.


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Istruzioni e osservazioni

• Wet all three parts before use to prevent rice from sticking.
• Fill the inner mould (half-cylinder without the thicker edge) up to about 80% with pre-prepared sushi rice.
• Make a valley down the middle of the rice for your filling.
• Place the inner mould, open side up, inside the larger mould (the square).• Fill the valley with your desired sushi filling (note: hosomaki normally only have one filling).
• Fill the remainder of the larger mould almost to the brim with rice, making sure that the filling is completely covered.
• Press the rice down using the pressing lid (half cylinder with the thicker edge).
• Turn the mould upside down and push out the rice 'tube'.
• Wrap the rice up in nori seaweed.

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