Studio Ghibli Library Castle In The Sky Picture Book, 630 g

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Relive the magic of Studio Ghibli movies in charming picture book form.

Packed with vibrant, detailed pictures from Hayao Miyazaki's third acclaimed film, experience the magic of Studio Ghibli's Castle In The Sky with this easy-to-read, movie-adapted picture book. Following the tale of a girl named Sheeta, saved by a young miner boy named Pazu, this story centres around her magical pendant believed to locate Laputa, a legendary floating castle that hides both mysterious treasures and technology among the clouds. Using her pendant, Sheeta and Pazu set out to find Laputa, but with sky pirates, government agents and even the military on their tail, it's clear there are dangerous truths as to why this ancient castle has been kept hidden! With large text and colourful images suitable for readers of any age, share this enchanting Studio Ghibli tale with others through this official storybook.

Based on the original Studio Ghibli animated film by Hayao Miyazaki. Adapted into English by Jim Hubbert. Hardback, 112 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-4215-9266-4


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