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Arnest Rakuccha Tea Infuser Jug, 235 g


Preparing a pot of your favourite green tea, barley tea and more is made more practical and potent by the handy infuser inserted inside this plastic Rakuccha jug. Similar to a strainer with several gaps to immerse teabags directly into hot or cold water, this jug keeps the two parts conveniently separate so you can leave the tea to brew for longer and easily throw the teabag away or add ice once your drink is ready to serve. Great for infusing fruit and spices such as ginger and cinnamon, this jug allows to get creative with your preparation of fresh, fragrant brews with a helpful cap over the spout that opens and closes as you raise the jug's handle.

Measures approx. 17.9cm in length, 9.1cm in width, 20.5cm in height (with handle raised), 16.2cm in height (without handle raised). Not suitable for microwaves or dishwashers.


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