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Imotani Microwaveable Plastic Nabe Hot Pot For One, 205 g


Microwave hearty hot pots in minutes.

Making a rich Japanese meal for one couldn't be easier. Simply combine all your ingredients into this convenient plastic nabe hot pot and cook it in the microwave. Consisting of a moderately deep, brown pot base with liquid measurements engraved on the inside and a ventilated beige lid that twists to lock in place, this hot pot creates the perfect sealed space to help your food bubble away. Suited for even takikomi gohan mixed savoury rice as well as noodle and rice soups, this hot pot helps you cook up multiple kinds of quick recipes and can be easily washed in the dishwasher for continuously delicious dining.

Hot pot base measures approx. 18.3cm in diameter, 7.5cm in height. Hot pot lid measures approx. 17.2cm in diameter, 5.3cm in height. Sealed together the hot pot measures 18.3cm in diameter, 11.8cm im height. Maximum volume approx. 1.5L.


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