Uenoya Konjac Sweets with Matcha Green Tea and Black Sugar Syrup, 240 g

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Give Japanese dessert tradition a dose of konjac nutrition.

Offering an authentically chewy bite, these warabimochi rice cake-inspired konjac sweets are low-calorie and wonderfully sprinkled with bittersweet, rich matcha flavour. A Kansai region speciality that's best enjoyed chilled with a generous coating of flours and flavourings, this Uenoya variant of warabimochi uses its locally-produced konjac to recreate the supple mochi texture, giving each mouthful a more naturally sweet and nutritious taste. Provided as a block so you can easily cut and choose your ideal serving, this 240g pack comes with sachets of Uji matcha green tea powder and a luscious kuromitsu black sugar syrup to soothe this sharp and refreshing dessert.


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There's nothing quite like complimenting a refreshing drink whilst relaxing in Japan with the various unique and traditional snacks available. Rather than a standard bag of crisps or a traditional sweet treat there are some fantastically curious savoury snacks that await your tastebuds, from the many kinds of dried seaweed, fruit peels and richly pickled vegetables that delight Japanese people looking for something different. At japancentre.com we've scoured shelves at convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan to pick out a great range to browse in out Vegetable & Fruit Snacks section.

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