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Nestlé KitKat Mini Share Pack - Bakeable Custard Pudding, 139 g, 12 pieces

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Bake up a sumptuously sweet custard & caramel break.

Coated in a superbly creamy custard flavoured white chocolate, these KitKat minis offer more than just a unique taste of their classically crisp wafers, with the option to bake each piece into crumbly caramel pudding bliss. Made from a smooth, bakeable chocolate that fluffs up within moments in the oven, the rich caramel powder locked between each wafer expands wonderfully with each gentle bite, exciting your senses with the cosiest and sweetest of flavours. Individually wrapped into 12 share pieces so they can still be enjoyed as a lusciously light chocolate treat anywhere, just bake from chilled for 5 minutes at 180° to experience a more soothing variety of the Nestlé treats famous snap.


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Japanese KitKats have crossed borders to become known to people's taste buds all over the world. With a mix of unique and ever-expanding flavours from matcha green tea to strawberry, even amongst regions of Japan there are new types of KitKat to discover, bringing the local sweet taste of Japan home. Perfect to gift or save all for yourself, we have an exciting range of national and regional KitKat flavours available in our KitKat section at japancentre.com.

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Valori nutrizionali

Per 100g:
• Energy: 2271kJ/543kcal
• Fat: 30.17g
• Carbohydrate: 64.66g
• Protein: 3.79g
• Salt: 0.11g

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4 Valutazioni
The description was accurate and the quality was good
Delicious although a bit sad they’re white chocolate.