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Hyogensha Reiwa Nengo Japanese Era Names Greeting Card, 12 g Quasi esaurito (solo 1 disponibili)


Celebrate the 1st year of Reiwa era with a historic greeting to remember.

Taking you through Japan's many eras of rich memories, this greetings card marks the perfect occasion to commemorate the first year of Reiwa. Embossed in gold detail across a sleek navy background, this elegant card presents every era of Japan in beautiful Japanese kanji print, starting from the Taika era (645-649 AD) in the top right, to Heisei era (1989-2018 AD) in the bottom left, and finally giving Reiwa's characters iconic pride of place in the card's glittering centre. Complete with a decorative washi paper insert to slot your special message carefully inside, this memorable card offers a bright and brilliant start to someone's new year and new era.

Card measures approx. 17.5cm in length, 11.5cm in width. Envelope included.


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When asked to name important aspects of Japanese culture, one aspect that escapes most people's minds is paper. Everybody knows about origami, of course, but Japan's fascination with paper art also includes paper lanterns, paper fans, and a staggering variety of elegant and unique greeting cards. For a thrilling range of Japanese greeting cards and other stationery items, take a look at Japan Centre's Japanese Cards & Stationery section.