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Torune Mama's Assist Eye-Shaped Bento Picks, 10 g, 10 items Quasi esaurito (solo 1 disponibili)


Charming picks to give your favourite food character!

With so many wonderful ways to enjoy your favourite food in bento lunches, give them the personality to charm you even more with these adorable eye-shaped picks. Designed with a wide range of emotions, this quirky set of picks decorate all manner of food with eyes to express whatever feelings you choose. Whether it's fruit so juicy it's embarrased to look tasty or a cheeky octopus-shaped wiener teasing you to tuck in, each eye pick makes food easier to pick up and enjoy, with a cuteness that's sure to tempt even the fussiest eaters. A perfectly simple yet exciting accessory, these picks even help finger food and cupcakes, stand out at a buffet.

Hand wash only. Made in China. Large picks measure approx. 3.7cm in length. Small picks measure approx. 2.8cm in length.   


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Cooking gadgets, aids and accessories come as part of all the fun of making your favourite Japanese cuisine. Much like the ingenious and quirky tools Japan creates for the convenience of everyday life, these practical and bizarrely thought out inventions always carry an unmistakable charm to brighten up your cooking experience. With everything from handy condiment graters to knife grinders in the kitchen and adorable moulds, cutters and pots to decorate the perfect bento, you'll be surprised at how Japanese cooking can be so simple, cute and exciting with our range at japancentre.com!

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